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Club 46

Club 46 offers our supporters an opportunity to help the team race and prepare for the Isle of Man TT in 22. By donating £50 you will recieve

  • Your name on the sidecar fairing (20mm high)

  • A4 poster

  • sidecar and logo sitckers

  • Access to the awning for free teas and coffee at any race meeting we are at.

  • Monthly eNewsletter

  • Entered in to the monthly drawer to win prizes such as race event tickets, mechandise, Isle of Man TT passes to pit lane and the start line.

Tyre fund 


During the 2022 we will require 2 sets of tyres. A Sidecar tyre cost around £270. If you would like to help the team and pay for a tyre it would be greatly appreciated and you will become an member of Club 46


Race fuel

For the first time we hope to have enough funds in our budget next year to buy race fuel for the Isle of Man TT and Southern 100, in order to collect the data we will need to start using the race fuel from the begining of the 2022 season.

A race meeting will cost on average £140

A lap of the Isle of Man TT course will cost on average £60

By paying for our race fuel you will also become a member of Club 46.

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